New regulations for flying drones in South Africa are effective from 1 July 2015. This website has been created to all to understand the new legal requirements. The Safe Drone website is not for profit, and all articles are created by industry experts who want to assist all interested in the drone industry, including operators and clients.

Progress thus far (May 2016):

  • 256 RPAS registered (May 2016).
  • 130 RPL licenses issued (May 2016).
  • 35 RLA applications received, 2 issued, 14 in final stages.
  • 1 RMT application received.
  • ROC issued.
  • RTO schools approved to train RPL pilots.
  • 18 ASL issued.

There is a growing list of fully licensed drone operators in SA.


To learn more about the regulations and process to comply...

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More articles will be added over time, and current articles will be updated regularly to ensure info remains current and up to date. Info is provided freely, and is updated regularly. Please help us keep this info accurate by reporting errors or updates.